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     Segmented Safety Aircraft would fulfill the need for an occupant safety system for commercial or general aviation and military applications.

     Appealing features, by using the ejection-equipped passengers compartment or compartment modules that are suggested, it would offer the advantages of increased occupant protection in the event of a take off, in flight or landing emergency.

     Segmented Safety Aircraft could also be used in industry. Each module could be used to carry merchandise instead of passengers. These modules could be any length. It maybe possible that these modules could be loaded at the factory, hauled on specially designed trucks and connected at the airport to any leaving Segmented Safety Aircraft. These modules are interchangeable allowing passengers and cargo the option of taking the first flight out Segmented Safety Aircraft uses all available space, with airlines taking advantage of all flying time. After arriving at destination module is again removed and delivered unopened to customer. Reducing labor cost and any risk of theft in the unloading and loading process. This feature would also save time and fuel from order to delivery making produce fresher. Not forgetting the safety of the cargo in case of an in-flight emergency.

     Military could use Segmented Safety Aircraft when delivering soldiers, machinery or supplies. It could be used as a emergency hospital or temporary base station. The possibilities are endless.

     As a side feature these concepts of the invention could also be used in cases of air piracy. The aircraft could be segmented and an air-hijacker would be immobilized or knocked out either by failure to get sufficient oxygen or by breathing in the immobilizing mixture, which is intended to immobilize the passengers.

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