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    This information summary relates to a product concept called "Segmented Safety Aircraft" which is an occupant protection system for commercial passenger aircraft as well as smaller general aviation aircraft. An occupant protection system is suggested that could eject the passenger compartment, or modular compartments in the imminent event of a crash landing, engine failure, or other serious situation. Such an occupant protection system would require the passenger compartment to be constructed as an entire modular unit, or a number of modular units. When imminent danger was determined, the pilot could depress a control that would begin the process.

     First, passengers would be instructed to fasten their seat belts. If possible a mild gaseous anesthesia be deployed through the ventilation system to temporarily put the passengers at ease during the ejection process. The hydraulic mechanism or rocket devices could be used to eject the passenger compartment, or compartment modules, from the fuselage of the aircraft. After ejection. parachutes and air bags would he used to slow the descent of the passenger compartment, or modular compartments. The compartment would then be prepared to land in water, or on land. Air bags would keep unit above water until help arrives. With the passenger compartment or modular compartments ejected, the pilot could attempt to land the aircraft, or eject with a system similar to that used on military aircraft.

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