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After identifying a need for aviation safety and also the need for more economic ways to haul cargo. I combined the two so everyone should be happy. Passengers, airlines, industry and military alike.

I have kept a diary from serious conceptions. I have made sketches and drawings to show my design, written a detailed description, which I have mailed to myself for safe keeping. I have made a model [prototype] to simulate my idea.

The United States Patent has been granted.

I have been focused in three newspapers at present, The Star Democrat, The Times Record, and The Delaware State News. I also had an interview with The Associated Press. I do not know of any releases at this time.

I have given a presentation to the Easton Ruritan Club located in Easton, Maryland and the Rotary Club in Centreville, Maryland.

I have had the pleasure of being on the Rise and Shine, Channel 13 [with Don Scott and Marty Bass].

I have put together a survey in hopes to help make my idea known. Also to get opinions that may help me on my idea for future reference.

I have contacted several manufactures with option to license my idea.

I have displayed my model at a National Transportation Show at the Blue Hen Corporate Center and displayed my model at Kent County Aeromodelers Inc. open house.

I have contacted the Federal Aviation Administration as well and through this web site hope to get the necessary 100,000 signatures to the FAA for this to go into production.

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