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     In light of the various commercial aircraft accidents that have been associated with the airline industry in recent years, the "Segmented Safety Aircraft" was conceived as a possible safety system which might help to reduce severity of mishaps when and if they occur. This proposed occupant protection system is suggested to provide the aircraft passenger with an improved level of safety in the event of a take off, in-flight or landing incident.

     The 'Segmented Safety Aircraft' would essentially provide a passenger compartment that would he made as an entire module, or a number of modules that would fit onto an aircraft fuselage. The passenger compartment module could appear to be the same as a standard passenger compartment from the interior. It would be equipped with seats, windows, ventilation, and pressurization systems, lighting, etc.

     The ejection procedure could be activated by the pilot when a crash landing or another emergency situation appeared imminent The passenger compartment module, or modules could be ejected by air, hydraulic mechanisms or small rocket thrusters, once they clear the aircraft fuselage, one or more recovery parachutes could be deployed.

     The passenger compartment module could provide a sealed off and protective environment for the passengers. Each module unit could be equipped with it's own air supply or other support system that would he needed to safely transport the passenger to the ground. Air bags would be placed under each unit. These bags will help slow the descent and cushion the landing on land, or in the event of a modular landing in water, it would float until help arrived. While the Segmented Safety Aircraft might not be expected to eliminate any chance of injury or death in a severe crash situation, it could provide the type of basic measures needed to help an occupant have some chance of surviving such an emergency.

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